March 29, 2023


Rob Ryan


Stop NY Corruption Issues Statement


NYC Mayor Adams’ Intent to Allow “Non-citizens” to Vote

In 2021, the New York City Council passed an unconstitutional law that gave non-citizens the right to vote. Before the law could take effect, in 2022, a group of concerned citizens and lawmakers successfully sued to have that law struck down. In an attempt to get the illegal law reinstated, the NYC Council and Mayor Eric Adams appealed that decision, and last month the appellate court upheld the trial court’s ruling, making it clear that non-citizens cannot vote in our elections. Mayor Adams and the NYC Council have just filed an appeal to the State’s highest court, in yet a third attempt to give non-citizens the right to vote.

Bobbie Anne Cox, spokesperson for Stop NY Corruption and a Westchester County based attorney who specializes in constitutional law, issued the following statement:

“Mayor Adams and the NYC Council are shamefully fighting to give non-citizens the right to vote in New York City, something that is not only severely unconstitutional, but defies logic. Our Constitution is clear, only citizens have the sacred power to vote. 

“Nonetheless, in a brazen attempt to inaugurate a permanent political stronghold in New York, and beyond, Adams and the City Council have now filed an appeal with the State’s highest court based in Albany, the Court of Appeals. This comes after the law they passed in 2021 was struck down by both the trial court, and the appellate court last month. Their political ends are obvious, as they try to illegally expand the right to vote by adding hundreds of thousands of ineligible voters to our voting rolls, and they continue to squander taxpayer dollars in the process.”

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