December 12, 2023


Rob Ryan


Stop NY Corruption Issues Statement on
Court of Appeals Decision

Bobbie Anne Cox, spokesperson for Stop NY Corruption and a Westchester County based attorney who specializes in constitutional law issued the following statement:

“Today, the Court of Appeals has shockingly taken the unprecedented and bizarre step of throwing out a congressional map even though the constitutionality of the existing district lines were not being challenged.

“This now paves the way for Albany politicians to, again, draw districts that are unconstitutional, illegal and unfair. This ruling permits the same Albany politicians who violated the State Constitution when they gerrymandered partisan congressional districts in 2022 another chance to violate the State Constitution so that they can engineer the electoral outcomes they desire. This endangers New Yorkers’ right to free and fair elections.

“The rules have been changed in the middle of the game to help one side win—and it is the voters, and the rule of law, that loses.” 

To view the Stop NY Corruption website, click here.

Stop NY Corruption, a 501(c)(4), is a statewide organization representing civic-minded New Yorkers opposed to the corrupt act of gerrymandering and dedicated to educating the public about the redistricting process, and preserving competitive elections, civil rights and democracy in New York.

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